Tiger Nuts Can Raise Libido and Erectile Function in Men.

I read about it being a very good aphrodisiac and as a curious person, I decided to try it. “Let me just experiment with it and find out what happens. After all, it’s a healthy food,” I said to myself. After eating them for a week, I started to have unusually hard long-lasting erections and an extremely frequent and sudden strong desire for sexual activity.

The nut I am talking about is tiger nut. Tiger nuts are also called Cyperus esculentus. You can read about what tiger nuts are and where they are found in other publications on the internet, in books, and in newspapers. What I am interested in is the scientific evidence in support of the aphrodisiac properties of tiger nuts.

Scientific evidence:

The influence of Cyperus esculentus tubers (tiger nuts) on male rat copulative behavior was investigated by Mohammed Z. Allouh and colleagues, 2015. In their experiment, they treated rats with raw tiger nut powder for thirty days and then measured their copulative behavior and serum hormonal levels. The results showed that tiger nuts increased libido in both highly and moderately active rats. Tiger nuts also improved sexual performance. They also significantly raised serum testosterone levels in these rats. The researchers concluded: Tiger nut has positive effects on the copulative behavior of adult male rats.”

Sabiu Saheed and colleagues, 2016, investigated Cyperus esculentus aqueous extract on paroxetine-mediated sexual dysfunction in male Wistar rats. They treated the rats with the extract for ten days and then measured their sexual behavioral parameters. The results showed that tiger nut extract significantly restored and improved sexual behavior and libido. Tiger nut extract also increased serum testosterone levels. Their conclusion was: “The data from this study suggest that C. esculentus is capable of restoring and boosting sexual competence and the probable mechanism is via the synergistic influence of the adaptogenic bioactive principles.”

Ayodeji Augustine Olabiyi and colleagues, 2016, evaluated the enhancing effect of dietary supplementation of tiger nut and walnut on erectile function in normal male rats. They fed the rats with a supplemented diet containing tiger nuts and walnuts for fourteen days. After fourteen days the rats showed significantly increased sexual behavior, hormone levels, and antioxidant activities. The researchers concluded: “These enhanced activities could be part of the mechanism by which the nuts exert their aphrodisiac properties.”

In their study to investigate and evaluate the biological effect of Costus and Cyperus secondary metabolites on fertility in male mice, Wid Ibraheem Kadm and colleagues, 2015, found out that C. esculentus significantly increases sperm concentration and serum testosterone levels.

The effect of aqueous extract of tiger nuts on sperm parameters and testosterone level of male albino rats was also studied by Ekaluo U.B. and colleagues, 2015. After their experiment, they concluded: “Aqueous extract of tiger nut (AET)has the capability of increasing the weights of the testes and epididymes, sperm count, sperm quality and testosterone level. Hence AET could be used as a possible fertility booster and to attenuate sperm toxicity.”

After six weeks of administration of extract of Cyperus esculentus to adult albino male Wistar rats, Agbai E.O and Nwanegwo C.O., 2013, found out that tiger nuts significantly increase serum testosterone levels and sperm count. Their conclusion was: “Results showed that methanolic extract of Cyperus esculentus significantly increased gonadotropins, testosterone and sperm parameters in a dose-dependent fashion.”

Furthermore, Sabiu and colleagues, 2018, evaluated the membrane stabilizing and aphrodisiac properties of Cyperus esculentus in male rats. The results showed significant improvements on the testes-body weight ratio, quality and viability of sperm cells and testicular concentrations of proteins, cholesterol, glycogen, testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone and lutenising hormone. Their conclusion was: “The data presented in this study have justified Cyperus esculentus as a rich source that could be potentially useful for the development of aphrodisiac drugs and also lent credence to its significance in the traditional system of medicine.”

The effect of tiger nuts on erectile dysfunction was evaluated by Ayodeji A. Olabiyi and colleagues, 2018, by assessing biochemical parameters relevant to erectile dysfunction in male rats. They concluded: “The effect of tiger nut supplemented diet may be said to prevent alterations of the activities of the enzymes relevant in erectile function.”

Why are most scientific experiments done on rats?

Many scientific and medical experiments are done on rats first before they can be done on humans. Besides being small, easy to handle, transport and contact experiments on, they are remarkably similar to humans. Rats share about 90% of genes with you and me. Yes, I mean you. Moreover, many of their bodily systems perform very much like human beings. I fill very sorry for these poor beautiful animals subjected to excruciating pain, suffering and death by scientists and doctors every day. That’s a genocide committed everyday in the name of science and medicine.


These studies were contacted on rats and results obtained using rats may be different from those obtained using humans. More experiments need to be done on human beings. However, these data scientifically prove that tiger nuts, if consumed daily, as a supplement, as a powder or extract or as raw nuts, can significantly increase sexual desire and erectile function in men.


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